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    Louisiana Greater Caddo Lake Association

    ... is dedicated to keeping Caddo Lake Natural.

    Canoe on Caddo Lake Caddo Lake is a Natural lake located on the border of Louisiana and Texas in the Northwest corner of Louisiana. It was formed many years ago, some say by the New Madrid earth quakes and some say by the log jam on Red River. How ever it was formed it is one of the most beautiful cypress lakes in the South.

    Mallards enjoying the lake
    The first humans to find this jewel were nomadic Indian tribes who made it a permanent home. The Caddo Indians had several large villages for many years on its shores. To this day the lake has provided a wondrous bounty of wildlife and minerals to all those who chose to make the lake their home.

    Turtles resting on a log

    The history of the lake takes a wide path from Indians to steam boats, natural pearl divers, oil and gas production, to some of the best fishing and hunting in the South.

    Blue skies over Caddo Lake

    The lake has come under attack by many things over the years from dredging and canalization to overuse of water for commercial purposes. The latest attack comes in the form of invasive aquatic vegetation. Several forms of non-native vegetation have been introduced into the lake in the last few years, but none as bad as the most recent one.

    Giant Salvania, a native of Brazil, has shown up in the last four years and is threatening to take over some of the most beautiful parts of the lake.

    Salvania clogged Caddo Lake

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